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Discover which Heritage1933™  products work for you! Filled with our best-selling natural hair, body and skin products, the Heritage1933™ Beauty Box is unbeatable.  NET/ WT: 2 oz / 56 g  & 4 oz / 113 g

     What's Inside

  • Ms. Know It All: Whipped Hair & Body Moisturizing Butter
  • Purity: Clay Mask
  • O.M.G. Seal & Moisturizing Oil
  • But First, Coffee: Exfoliating Coffee Scrub  

PLEASE NOTE: Our butters may melt in transit during warm climates. You still can use the butter melted or simply place it in the refrigerator to solidify, unfortunately it will not regain its original whipped texture. This product can not be refunded or exchanged if it melts. Keep in a dry, dark and cool place. Room temperature is fine.

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