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"I’m a natural that usually doesn’t get volume easily without having to pick my hair. I installed these clip ins and didn’t have to pick my hair at all!"


"These clip-ins blend Iinto my hair so GOOD that I couldn’t even tell which parts were my hair! If you’re looking for some BOMB curly hair clip-ins I would definitely check out Heritage1933."


"Luckily for me I have found a saving grace to help restore the moisture in my hair. Shoutout to Heritage1933 and their O.M.G. Seal & Moisturizing Oil!"


"Everything you do to your natural hair, you can do to these clip-ins."

Jaia H.

"Originally I bought Ms. Know It All for myself, but my 7-year-old is suffering from dry chapped hands from washing them so much. He started using it and it's his favorite!"

Brittany L.