Wholesale Terms and Conditions



Our brand image and our products are important to us. We love them! And we want everyone else to love them, too. We retain all copyright to our products, descriptions and photographs. We retain all trademarks and registered marks, and especially the name “Heritage1933™” as it is our business name. As a wholesaler you may be granted temporary permission to use these in limited form at approved locations. Regardless, our recipes, formulas, and designs are proprietary and no rights whatsoever are granted to use or replicate them without our prior explicit and written permission. This also means you may not copy them or reverse-engineer the recipes or put your name or label on our products.

Terms of Sale

Our products are special and we price them accordingly. We hope you agree! We do not sell to businesses that routinely sell our products below our suggested retail price (what is shown on our retail website). You may sell above that price at your discretion. You may not sell our products through online auctions (for example, eBay), or online marketplaces (such as Amazon or Etsy), including local craft fairs, pop-up fairs, sidewalk sales, etc. We do not offer “private label” of our products. We do not accept returns or chargebacks. Of course, per state law, you may not order wholesale for personal use.


Payment Methods

Credit Cards through Direct Checkout, PayPal

Payment Terms

Payment is due in full prior to products being made and shipped. We do not charge sales tax. No cancellations once payment has been received.


Does not accept consignment orders.


First Order Minimum


Re-order Minimum


Handmade Goods

As all of our products are handmade, each individual item may differ slightly in appearance.


Shipping Method

We ship via USPS Priority Mail & FedX.

Drop Shipping

Does not offer drop shipping.

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the retailer and will vary by order size and weight. A $300 opening order will cost approximately $40 to ship within the U.S. and will be added to your invoice. Receive free shipping for orders over $750.

Estimated Production Time

2-3 weeks

Product Customization

Does not accept customization requests.


Due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept returns. Replacements will be sent for products damaged during transit (please send photos).


Please contact us to discuss sampling prior to ordering. Store front customer testers may be purchased at cost - please request for these to be added to your invoice when submitting your order.