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Heritage1933™ is a natural beauty company that challenges the narrow perception of beauty and aligns their mission seamlessly to celebrate natural beauty and improve the lives of women and children in need. With every product purchased, Heritage1933™ provides tools and products necessary to sustain hair care for women and children in local shelters. 

Heritage 1933™ stands behind formulating safe and natural nontoxic hair and skin care products just for you. Each ingredient is of high quality. To view a full list of ingredients, click here



Meet Our Founder

Latoya Thompson is the Founder/CEO of natural beauty company, Heritage 1933™. Thompson founded Heritage 1933™ in 2015, in response to the narrow perceptions of beauty.

Thompson’s personal story is the cornerstone of the mission behind Heritage1933™. Living in shelters as a child, Latoya was determined to achieve personal success, and give back. She uses her influence, as a fashion stylist & blogger to celebrate the natural beauty of all women. Moreover, as a newly certified yoga instructor, Thompson also aids women in discovering their beauty within.

Heritage1933 Founder Latoya Thompson
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